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There is a plethora of tools and utilities - both online and offline - for all RPG Makers. The following is a complete list, which is by no means comprehensive, but I will be adding more as I find them.

Utilities » Software » Resources

The following are downloadable programs to aid in resource and games creation. Clicking on the links will go to their corresponding "review" pages.

  • Wulf's ChoiceCharacter Creator Studio (RMVX) - The definitive character creator application for RMVX. Resource-rich, with the ability to import more, it will make life much easier when it comes to creating your own character sets.
  • Character Maker XP (RMXP) - A fun utility for creating RMXP character sets. Although the resources are limited, some really good characters can be created.
  • Face Maker (RMXP/VX) - What's a character set without a matching face? This helps in creating such facesets for message boxes. (To download, you'll have to become a member of the forum, but it's well worth it!)
  • Wulf's ChoiceHiper Windowskin Maker (RMXP/VX) - The ultimate RPG Maker windowskin creator! You can create simultaneous RMXP and RMVX windowskins and save them, but you can also import RMXP windowskins into the maker and convert them into RMVX format. Highly Recommended!
  • RMTool (RM2K/3) - This useful utility scans RPG Maker games for missing files and gives instructions on how to fix it. For example, if a MIDI or particular graphics file is missing from the game's Project folder, this tool will tell you which one is missing.
  • Windowskin Generator (RMVX) - This excellent utility, which runs directly within RMVX, is programmed by Woratana and with graphics by Aindra. It allows you to create windowskins for RMVX; these can then be saved (in PNG format) and imported for use in games.
  • Windowskin Maker (RMXP) - This excellent utility, programmed by Evil Cabbage, allows creation of windowskins for RMXP, which can be saved as useable windowskins in games. Unlike the RMVX version, it does not come pre-loaded with graphics; the individual parts have to be created and used separately.

Utilities » Software » Resource Hacks

These programs are designed either to "rip" resources from games or to "hack" (i.e. directly modify) RM2K/3 program settings, such as icons, logos, etc. While it is against Enterbrain's Terms & Conditions to modify the program in any way, shape or form, the English versions of RM2K/3 were never "legal". They are included here only because of their usefulness.

  • AnimGet (RM2K/3/XP/VX) - Extract individual animation frames for subsequent use in games.
  • ResHack (RM2K/3) - Short for Resource Hack, this great utility allows the hacking of games or RM2K/3 itself. With it, game icons, logos, text, individual settings, etc. can be modified to suit individual needs.
  • RM Recker (RM2K/3) - Allows RM2K/3's built-in logos, glyphs and icons to be changed.

Utilities » Tools » Development

These are utilities and tools that aid with game development.

  • Dan's RMXP Tool (RM2K3/XP/VX) - This useful tool generates random names for items, weapons, armor, game titles and names, but has several additional features.
  • Move Event (RMXP/VX) - This tool helps with planning character or event movement, making it much easier to implement.
  • Project Organiser (RMXP) - This tool acts as a launchpad for editing and playing RMXP games (and launching RMVX games but not editing), as well as reseting Database, Scripts and Project folders to defaults.
  • Window & Scene Wizard (RMXP) - A useful tool for creating windows, specifically menus, which includes the addition of icons, stats, etc. that runs either in RMXP or standalone.

Utilities » Tools » Online Generators

There are plenty of websites offering resource graphics, but what if you want to create your own without having to download software? This is especially useful if you're on the move and don't want the inconvenience of first downloading, then installing the software. These are websites where you can create your own resources directly online and save them for use in RPG Maker games.

  • Char Maker XP - A fast, efficient online character creator for RMXP. It's in French/Portugese, but is easy to work out. (Thanks to Weloveneobux for the link.)
  • Wulf's ChoiceChara.EX (RM2K3) - This is perhaps the most widely known RM2K/3 resource editor online, and it's been around for a long time. In fact, I practically "grew up" on this editor to create most of my RM2K/3 charsets. It has a strong community-driven fan base, with plenty user submitted materials. Not only can you design characters online and save them onto your hard drive, you can also download an offline version too. You're not limited to just character sets, you can also create facesets and battlers too by using their simple, well laid out, easy to use interface. It's quick, easy and fun and I would highly recommend this website to every RPG Maker enthusiast (that is if you didn't know about this one already).
  • Character Sprite Generator (RMXP) - This is a hardy sprite/character maker for RMXP, where you can you can change the hair, eyes, clothing, etc. Its materials are extremely limited, however, and it appears that it is no longer updated, the last update apparently being some time in 2008. It's still worth a look nevertheless. As far as a serious character creation contender, it's a dead duck!
  • Chibi KYARATSUKURU (RMXP) - This is one of the more comprehensive japanese character makers. This link has been Google-translated into English from its original Japanese version. Regardless of the relatively small amount of "bits and pieces", I love creating characters here, even if none of them ever make it into games!
  • Wulf's ChoiceRPG Material: Character Generation (RMVX) - This is the ultimate RMVX online character creator (and the only one as far as I know). Not only can you create your own characters by setting a series of options, but you can randomize characters. The output even has the appropriate facesets to use too! (The link has been Google-translated into English from its original Japanese version.)
  • RPG Material: Roof Chipset (RMVX) - With this nifty resource tool, you can create your own rooftops for the main chipsets by manipulating a few options or randomizing them. The roof outputs can then become part of the map chipsets. (This link has also been Google-translated into English from its original Japanese version.)
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