Thursday, March 25, 2010

Windowskin Maker XP

Until now there has only been a Windowskin Generator for RMVX, which is a superlative utility that I use frequently.

Now, there is one for RMXP, created by the talented Evil Cabbage, found on RPG Maker Times Companion and at RMXP Unlimited. Note: Right-click on the "Download" link and Save As for it to work.

Windowskin Maker XP

Unlike the RMVX version, which runs within RMVX itself or standalone, this utility is just standalone. Its ease of use makes it very useful indeed, but you do have to create your own resources for it - backgrounds, arrows, etc. - as it none are provided with the program. This should not pose too many problems anyway, as long as you know the individual sizes for the different parts. (I should cover this in a later entry for all RPG Makers.)

Aside from manual creation of material parts, this program does have two distinctive disadvantages. The first is that it has no feature to redefine the windowframe, which is displayed as the "default" thin white frame with white scroll arrows. The second is that it can only be exported as BMP format, which means that it would need to be converted to PNG in another graphics program. Notwithstanding that RMXP will quite happily import BMP files, they are much larger in size than PNG files.

Aside from these "flaws", I would still recommend using this, as it's the only windowskin creator available for RMXP. This will still prove to be a valuable asset to any would-be RMXP windowskin creators.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful information. I think i'll give it a try!

Companion Wulf said...

It's a good little utility!

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