Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Demos No Longer Available

Several visitors have informed me that they've been unable to download certain utilities. I'm now aware of the problem, so thank you. Anything hosted on Megaupload is obviously gone and it's going to be a hellish task to go through each of the missing links and finding links that work.

I will most likely host some of the rarer software or utilities no longer available for mainstream downloading on my site, RPG Maker Times Collection, along with resources and scripts. This site is uber-up-to-date, so check regularly and subscribe to the newsfeed (when I implement a subscription function).

ALL of the downloads hosted there (and linking to other sites) have been thoroughly checked for viruses, although some virus checkers may well claim false-positives. I've checked them with at least five different checkers, including Comodo and F-Secure, and there are none.

I'll eventually transfer the bulk of RMT Companion to the "Collection" and then leave it as it is, but will probably not be actively updating the blog in favour of RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Collection.
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