Monday, February 20, 2012

Layout & Design Blues

In keeping with the update and expansion I've undertaken, as mentioned in a previous entry on the main site, Time For Some Reorganisation, I'd hoped to use one of the Dynamic Templates for Companion, but there are more disadvantages with that route at the moment. You cannot directly edit the HTML or add widgets, although you can modify the CSS. That's no good for the kind of layout I'm ultimately looking for.

So it looks as though, for now at least, the layout here will remain the same, as it will on RPG Maker Times. It's too much hassle to particularize utilities and scripts with a dynamic format, unless and until Google allows these key areas.

Meantime, I've been working on a new navigation menu. Rather than using Flash, which is what the current one is, I'm experimenting with a jQuery/Javascript one; this will allow much easier editing as new sections and utilities are uploaded. Hopefully, I'll have something soon.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sadly Neglected, Never Forgotten

RPG Maker Times Companion has been sadly neglected of late, so it's time to rectify that. I'll have a look through my archives (bookmarks, old storage CDs/DVDs, etc.) and come up with a few entries. It's intended that the Companion deals with tools and utilities specifically, so updates will only appear here and won't be announced on RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Companion (New) main sites.

In time, I may or may not include resources here (including porting the RPG Maker Times Windowskins, which, incidentally, has also been neglected).

Another thing I'm working on, in between work, play and projects, is scripts. I'll eventually update my scripts here too. Maybe put each of them on separate pages, along with a script(let) index. Any new (or, indeed, old-but-updated) scripts will also be announced on the main RPG Maker Times site.

I don't know how long all this will take, but given that free time isn't free, it's on my ~TO DO~ list for sure.
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