Friday, March 16, 2012

Important Notice About Downloads

It came to my attention recently that some of the download links on RMT Companion leading to certain websites have received complaints that the software contains viruses, so the links from those sites have subsequently been removed. This spoils it for everyone and prevents decent folk from utilising some very useful programs.

Contaminating programs with viruses is unacceptable and disgraceful in the first instance and the people who create and propagate them should be injected with a lethal virus themselves and left to suffer.

I've been on the receiving end of so many viruses within the decade or so I've been involved with computers that I've lost count of the sleepless nights trying to recover valuable data from virus-ridden and worm-choked computers. And I've had so many computers destroyed because of viruses, worms and trojans that no doubt they'd fill a small storage shed.

ALL OF THE TOOS & UTILITIES hosted on RPG Maker Times Collection, as well as the versions that I have downloaded to try, have been THOROUGHLY scanned with Comodo Internet Security Antivirus and contain NO viruses!
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