Saturday, March 13, 2010

Move Event

EDIT (31 May, 2012): The download link no longer works. Unfortunately, I don't have a backup copy of this utility. If anyone can help track this utility down for me, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

It can be very time-consuming trying to figure out specific character movements, often meaning that you have to playtest and tweak until you have it just right. I've had many frustrating moments where the characters have moved slightly too far, putting the rest of the "scene" out of sync. Or where the cut scene has frozen because characters are trying to move but are walking into walls.

With this utility, which can be downloaded here, it takes some of the pain away. What it does is allow you to record the keystrokes from the directional keys, then either preview it as a graphical representation or as a "live" demonstration (playing back the recorded keystrokes) in RMXP itself.

Move Event for RMXP - Image Hosted by
As you can see from the snapshot above, you can also save the current movement commands and load them later for additional tweaking and testing.

Since using this utility, the amount of time taken for cutscenes where a lot of character and NPC movement is required has been slashed in half. It's very useful to be able to test that out before actually implementing it in the Command Events and then having to go back in to edit them manually.

If you're like me and have a lot of movement in your games, then this utility will assuredly help. It's one of those rare gems you stumble across that certainly help you out and you don't want to get rid of - even after there are no further updates.

Character Maker XP

When it comes to designing character sets from scratch, I am stuck so rely on these kinds of utilities to help me out. Character Maker XP makes life much easier, as it will create character sets and sprites for you.

Although it is limited as far as the number of resources, you can still create some reasonably good custom character sets for RMXP, even with a small set of graphics available.

Character Maker XP - Image Hosted by

As you can see from the snapshot above, characters are highly customizable, with a virtual mannequin to model the clothes and extras to work with. You can then export your finished product to RMXP character sets and import them into your games. It also has a feature to edit the resources, but use with caution since it directly modifies the program's default graphics, with no way to undo the changes, except to reinstall it.

Its ease of use makes it a worthy addition to your games creation software, but there are slightly better ones out there, including online web editors.

EDIT: This maker is no longer available. The download is also unavailable because Megaupload was taken down.

Face Maker

What's a character set without a matching face? Well, with Face Maker, currently at version 3.1, you can design facesets for message boxes. It doesn't seem to have been updated in over a year, but it does its job and suffices quite well. It also does not come with a Help file - not that you need it though - it's fairly self-explanatory.

To download it, you'll have to become a member of the Game Dev Unlimited forums, but it's definitely worth it in the end.

Face Maker 3.1

One of the things I really like about this program is that every aspect of the face is customizable, from the face to the additional accessories:

  • Face and neck
  • Eyes (including the pupils and eyebrows)
  • Mouth
  • Mustache (including beard)
  • Ears
  • Hair (including bangs)
  • Neck and head wear
  • And two sets of accessories (including helmet)

There are literally hundreds of possible combinations and quite a large range of resources to choose from.

Once you're done creating your masterpiece, you can save it for use in your games, with three sizes to choose from, depending on the RPG Maker used and the purpose of the faceset.

Overall, this is a very neat program, one which I've used on occasion too, primarily just for the fun of it.
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