Monday, September 10, 2012

Active But Not Updated

This blog is still active, but, for the most part, isn't being updated any more. The reason for this is that most of the updates are now taking place on the RPG Maker Times Companion domain.

The problem was that many of the links to software and external websites were disappearing. And with the taking down of Megaupload, where a number of the downloads were, some programs vanished along with it. So, rather than update this site accordingly, I decided (ambitiously perhaps!) to start over, this time with much more up-to-date content.

The RPG Maker Times Companion domain (formerly RPG Maker Times Collection) was originally formed to house my collection of scripts and resources. Instead, it's grown to include all of the software, scripts, resources and FAQs - among other things - on this blog and RPG Maker Times. Some of the software on the site is hard to find nowadays, but you can find it there.

The site is still under heavy construction, but in time it'll be finished. In between various other projects, time is limited and progress on it is slow but steady. What this means is that this blog will no longer be updated, but the other site will be. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.


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